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Running | Out of Time

It’s a story. It’s your story. Your story starts here. 



“She sits, exhausted. The day has been long. All the days have been long recently. Inhaling deeply, she breathes in the air. Fresh is it? No, she wouldn’t call it fresh. It’s more…the smell of life. Of time. Of life passing and the time ticking away.”

She runs in 5…4…3…


Some feedback we’ve received so far: 

“This was an out of time experience in, both, a literal and metaphorical sense.  Yes, running is the medium; but it’s not about the running.  It’s about connection, experience, achievement, discovery, freedom and exploration.  Most of all, it’s exhilarating fun, and I’m no runner”

“I felt free and open to my place in ways I hadn’t been before. I felt like I could really play!”